Always On The Customers' Side

With our wide, varied, flexible, and technologically advanced product range, we offer our customers a number of services from purchasing advice to training, from cutting techniques and applications to custom decoration making.

The entire retail network and company’s technicians are available to give details on every single product while verifying that it is consistent and adequate for the required application. Each project has its own specific needs and only through a careful analysis carried out with the customer we can identify the most suitable products.

In a sector where technical and aesthetic evolution makes the difference, innovation means competitiveness. Therefore, one of the services we offer to our customers is dedicated to a timely update on new products and how to use them.  This corporate task is carried out through our retail network and with accurate and  precise communication.

Furthermore, we can provide detailed information about the best techniques to cut and pierce laminates to place them correctly, or, in some cases, we can supply pre-formed materials, ready to be placed and set. Also, our inventory makes it available for each colour in the pattern book at least one combination between form, thickness, finishing, and type of product, ready to ship.

A “trading power” that is hard to match.

But the real feather in the cap of our company is our capacity to manufacture an extremely wide selection of decorations, included those designed by our customers, which can personalise any kind of surface.

A truly unique service.